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Jason Garden Gnome

Jason Garden Gnome

Halloween Horror Movie Garden Gnomes


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  • These masked murderers are sculpted meticulously and coated in a rich high gloss outdoor sealer to prevent any further decay and to help these carnivorous cadavers withstand the elements in their continuous hunt for human flesh.
  • From the darkest nightmares of the kids on Elm Street right to your very own lawn under the elm tree. one, two, let him come for you..three, four, right to your front door.
  • Help keep strangers off your perfectly manicured lawn by unleashing these horror movie garden gnomes. If these ghoulish garden gnomes look a bit familiar, it’s because they’re designed like the most terrifying and iconic movie monsters in cinematic history.
  • Give it time and he’ll slice his way into your subconscious, Sleep will be your enemy, both in your head and in your garden.



  • Halloween Decorations near me These mysterious walking corpses stand about 16-18cm high and have been carefully carved by hand! The best decoration for Halloween! The best gift for movie lovers! A favorite of dwarf collectors!

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Halloween Gnomes

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