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Gnome Blowing into Flower

Garden Gnome Blowing into Flower


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Garden Gnome Blowing into Flower: Caught on Camera!

A Gnome Blowing into Flower to make it grow? If you’ve seen this photo, you may have been one of the many people. who thought the image was computer-generated—that it was too good to be true! It shows a gnome blowing onto an apple tree blossom (just like they do in cartoons!) until the petals fall off and reveal a heart-shaped core that’s actually edible!.

A man working in his garden was shocked to see his beloved garden gnome pick up the flower pot and blow into it, causing the flowers to bloom within seconds! What did he do wrong? And how can you fix it? We’ll share tips to help you with both of these questions and more! Here’s what happened.




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Dimensions 18 × 28 × 28 cm


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