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Garden Gnome Golfer

Golfing Gnome

Garden Gnome Golfer | Golfing Gnome


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Garden Gnome Golfer – Homestyles – Nowaday Gnomes – “Golfing Gnome” In a calm pose, the Holding a Golf Club & Golf Ball Figurine Statue holds his hickory shaft golf club and ball in front of him. He’s dressed in a nostalgic knitted sweater vest, classic vintage knickers, argyle socks, and two-tone fringe golf shoes with naturally curled toes. because he’s a gnome, don’t you know, and a Nowaday Gnome to boot! According to legend.

Today’s Gnomes live in a parallel universe to our own, quietly among us, and have mimicked our evolution throughout time, from scavenging for food with rocks and clubs during the ice age to shopping and sharing emojis on smartphones and tablets today.

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