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Gnome at Fire Hydrant



Gnome at Fire Hydrant | Fire Hydrant Gnomes Outdoor Water Fountain


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Gnome at Fire Hydrant – Add whimsical garden friends to your space while enjoying the peaceful sounds of running water with this gnome on the fire hydrant water fountain. This gorgeously detailed fountain is made of durable polyresin, making it durable and lightweight. Also, setup is easy with no complicated plumbing required.

Indoor or outdoor use: Made of weatherproof resin material, the high-quality resin is not only safe and waterproof but also makes sculptures more realistic and makes your home and garden more interesting.
Very suitable as a fairy tale garden, miniature garden, your house, office, on the shelf next to work, and as a gift for exquisite garden statues. Gnome at Fire Hydrant.

This adorable garden fountain is made from durable yet lightweight polyresin making it easy to move and maintain; It has a beautifully detailed design with vibrant color and two charming gnomes.

Brighten up your garden day or night with this solar statue that looks good during the day and lights up at night. Tall Gnome Fire Hydrant Welcome Garden Light in Red. Sure to delight for many seasons to come.

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Dimensions 11 × 9 × 16 cm


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