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Gnome Escaping Through Window

Gnome Escaping Through Window


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Gnome Escaping Through Window

This Gnome Escaping Through Window is a fun twist on the classic window decoration. For years, gnomes have been trying to break free from their magical boxes and this time they’ve succeeded! They’re escaping out the window with a happy face and making it clear that they are very excited about getting outside. But even though he’s escaped his box, he still wants to make sure you know how much he appreciates you for looking after him all these years. He thanks you by giving a little wink before dashing off into the world beyond your windowsill!

Bits and Pieces tree hugger and peeker sculptures are a fun addition to any yard. When an unexpected personality emerges from your backyard tree, surprise your loved one’s family and friends. Add a design element to your home.

Choose your favourite animal or bird, elf, fairy, gnome, or woods woodsman. Designs include one-part hanging and climbing sculptures, two- and three-piece models that appear to peek from around the trunk of a tree while holding on with feet and hands, and faux bark figurines that appear to emerge from the tree itself.

The Gnome Place – Decorative Gnomes

We have the ideal product to make your day brighter. What exactly is this gnome? A gnome, of course!

These adorable little statues make excellent decorative items. A garden gnome makes an excellent gift for someone you don’t know.

What kind of gnome are we discussing? These gnomes are available in various sizes, including hanging and standing garden gnomes. Each gnome is made of high-quality materials and will last for years.

They are also appropriate for any occasion, including Veterans Day, Easter or Graduate Day, Adult Day (wedding, new year, birthday, etc.). They also help to set a positive tone for a special occasion.

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