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Gnome with Mushroom

Gnome with Mushroom


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The Gnome with the Mushroom

A garden gnome with a mushroom on his head sits in my front yard, next to the sidewalk leading up to my front door. He looks cute, and I feel that it’s something unique that helps me stand out from my neighbors. Besides the fact that it serves as an eye-catching decoration, the mushroom also plays an important role in giving the gnome his identity.

There once was a garden gnome who lived in a sunroom

He spent his days being inanimate, doing nothing but standing on a small square of grass. He looked forward to weekends and holidays, when he could hop around from garden to garden. This particular gnome loved rain and shine equally; only when it was raining did he have something to do! He would wait all day for it to stop so that he could go outside and feel like part of nature.

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