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Military Garden GnomesF


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The perfect Military Garden Gnomes gift idea for all our men and women of service for this veteran’s day.

Limited stock and sizes are in the pictures

Military Garden Gnomes

Navy Gnome

US Air Force Gnomes

Nurse Gnomes

National Guard Gnome

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Homestyles – Nowaday Gnomes – American Pride Collection-“Top Gun” Air Force Pilot  Military Soldier Gnome in green flight suit holding his helmet while sporting that famous hat and those special shoes that are naturally curved at the toe because he is a gnome, don’t you know, and a Nowaday GnomeTM to boot! According to legend, modern GnomesTM live in a parallel universe to our own, quietly among us, and have mimicked our evolution throughout time, from scavenging for food with rocks and clubs in the ice age to shopping and sharing emoji’s on smartphones and tablets today. They have evolved as we have evolved, done everything we have done, coveted everything we have coveted, and enjoy everything we enjoy, especially “American Pride”! “Today’s Gnomes” aspire to be Military HEROES, particularly Air Force Soldiers, which begs the question, who is mimicking whom? A witty reminder that “they” are among us. The Gnome shop.

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Military Gnomes

Army Gnome, Navy Gnome, US Air Force Gnomes, Nurse Gnomes, National Guard Gnome


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