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Santa Gnome



Santa Gnome


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This cheeky Santa Gnome standing about 15-16cm will be attention grabber amongst those Christmas decorations.

Probably came down the chimney drunk and had a wild party on cookies and milk.

The perfect Christmas gift, birthday gift or for any special occasion.

Please note the painting on his hair is deliberately touched with the colors used and this little guy is sturdy

Enjoy this Exhibitionist Santa Gnome with some laughter.

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It makes an excellent decoration and gift for friends and loved ones. Furthermore, they are appropriate for almost any occasion, such as Veterans Day, Easter, Graduate Day, Adult Day, Wedding, New Year, Birthday, and so on.

It thought to bring good fortune and fortune. Make a festive mood on a special occasion by adding unique and lovely decorative goblins to your summer or autumn decorations.

On the festival day, ideal gifts and decorations include a desk, table, sofa, bookcase, shelf, and dining table.

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Dimensions 20 × 18 × 15 cm


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