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Gnome with Green Flower Pot

Gnome with Green Flower Pot


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Gnome with Green Flower Pot

You know what’s really helpful to have around the house? A garden gnome. These little fellows love to keep the insects and animals away from your flowers, and if you take care of them well, they’ll bring you lots of good luck! It’s important that your gnome stay happy and healthy, so follow these steps to make sure your gnome stays happy and healthy too! Here are the top tips on how to take care of your garden gnome and your flowers!

Always water at the base

The best way to water your garden is at its base. Watering from above can cause seeds or roots of your flowers or vegetables to rot. But, if you have a small potted plant and don’t want to get on your knees every time you need water it, there are other options. For plants with wide-based leaves, like mints and sage, you can use a watering can with a rose; that way you can pour water right into a plant without disturbing its soil.

Gnome Garden Decoration

Are you looking for super cute garden decorations? You want something compact and tidy, but also warm and inviting. If this is the case, we recommend that you purchase garden gnomes online. These adorable little statues will add charm to your garden and are very affordable.

We have a large selection of gnomes on our website! Whether you want a patriotic or hanging garden gnome, our decorative statues can withstand high winds and keep your guests entertained.

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